Should I Repair Or Replace My Roof?

Gloved hand nailing shingles to a roof.

Whether or not your roof has been damaged, a professional, regular roof inspection can help determine how long your roof will last as it ages.  Typically, your roof should be inspected at least once a year; however, homeowners should also check on their roof after any extreme weather event such as hail, wind, or snow. A professional inspection can reveal signs of failure, potential areas of concern, or damaged shingles.

Heavy damage, such as punctures or other physical impacts , would likely require partial removal and replacement of the roofing system to effectively repair  the sheathing (plywood or boards) located under the shingles.

Assessing the Damage

An additional area of concern is potential growth of mold and algae on the shingles, which can lead to surface damage   and shortened life expectancy. Our team of professional roofers will assess the damage and proceed with the removal in order to prevent these damages.

Water damage from small leaks in sidewalls, chimney flashings, and valleys can also cause damage. Once a professional inspection is conducted, we can determine if these areas of your roofing system need attention.It’s possible that these repairs can be performed if intersecting areas of shingles are flexible and can be replaced without causing further damage.

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