Homeowners Insurance Claims in Connecticut

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We work with you and your insurance company to ensure your claim is accurate and fully encompasses the scope of work.

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From start to finish, we’re an active participant in your home remodeling project. We assist homeowners by working closely with your insurance company and the claims they offer.

In the State of Connecticut, it is illegal for a contractor to collect payment directly from an insurance provider. Therefore, we advise all our customers to submit their claim for evaluation directly through their insurance provider. We will then work alongside you to compare estimates and assure you are fully and fairly compensated for the scope of work.

Current standards of code now require items such as ridge venting and ice and water barriers. Oftentimes, the costs required for standard installation (ridge venting, ice and water barrier) may not be covered. This is because they may be considered an upgrade to a former roofing system that did not have these items before the code of standards were changed. At this point, we will work with you as well as your insurance agent or company to assure proper coverages and funding.

After reviewing and making any necessary revisions to our estimate, a final scope of work is agreed upon. After you have received funding directly from your insurance company, payment will then be made from homeowner to City Roofing and Siding.

Homeowner policies vary in coverage limits such as deductible amounts, structure exceptions, and recovery limits. We will work with you to ensure you understand the policy contents and what is to be expected with the insurance claims, coverage, and payment process. Coverage limit claims also apply for emergency damage or storm repairs, as well as emergency responses (tarp on roof, removal of debris and temporary patches).

To ensure you are well informed and aware of the insurance claims process, City Roofing and Siding will work with you every step of the way. For more information, please contact our team at (860) 621-5656

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Here’s what City Roofing & Siding customers have to say about our services:

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Paul Smith

Matt and his team are great. Their work is top notch and the customer service is quick and accurate and their pricing is both reasonable and affordable. Highly recommend Matt and his team for any roofing and siding job you might be thinking about doing!!!!

Stefan K.

We had a leak in our roof over our garage. After another roofer failed to identify the leak and fix it, we called City. City came out promptly, identified the issue, and fixed it. I couldn’t be happier with the service and I wish I had called them sooner! Experience and knowledge is everything, and these guys have it!

Colin R.

Just want to thank Matt of City Roofing & Siding Inc. in Southington. I had a few roofing businesses come out to check on a roof leak and Matt was the most helpful of them all. Some recommended a new roof but Matt recognized it was a small issue (vent leak) that he promptly fixed and I’ve had no further issues. I just wanted to highly recommend City Roofing & Siding if anyone is looking for a roofer.

Mary E.

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